Hello, today I am sharing a back to school layout using my son, who is in high school.  Once your children become teenagers getting photos of your children is not easy.  You can’t have them hold those cute little signs or chalkboards. So getting a quality photo is tricky, especially when you want to document a new year.

I tend to take a headshot of my older kids… the focal point is their face.  Most teenagers have some kind of insecurity, whether its acne, their weight, not growing into their features yet… there are so many reasons why a teen avoids a camera. This is why the selfie is so popular. The child can control the image they want to put out. So if your child absolutely refuses to get in front of a camera ask your teen for a selfie, or self taken photo. It is very important that your teen likes the photo, especially if you plan on putting it on social media or a scrapbook page, in my case lol.  Teenagers like to feel that their feelings and opinion matter.

I like to turn the photo black and white and have it printed in a bigger size.  A new school year is also the start of new things for your child.  So having a bold picture and strong title is what I tend to do.

My son’s school colors happen to be black and gold, so I went through a few different Fancy Pants collections and picked out different gold and black papers, embellishments, and stickers. I used four different collections to create this page, so definitely mix and match! 

For a back to school layout the grade my child is in (10th) is usually the title and then I journal or list their classes somewhere. Listing their classes is a fun way to document a new grade.  I used one of the library cards from the Meology collection to list my sons classes and I absolutely love it!

Look through collections that might seem feminine if you are making a masculine page. The “B” sides are always perfect for my masculine pages, no matter what kind of collection it is.

To break up the rectangle layering I did with the photo I die cut some of the pattern paper using circle dies.  Then added Puffy Dot Stickers to add a bit more interest.

I hope this is a great school year for all of the special children in your life!  If you happen to upload a back to school page on social media be sure to tag Fancy Pants Designs so we can check it out!

Fancy Pants Designs collections used: Millie & JuneLife Is BeautifulMe-ologyBurlap & Bouquet