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Tricks and Treats: Movement Using Multiple Photos



Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays by Evelynpy

Some of you may love to play with only one photo on your layout, either small or a big one. But this time I prefered to use three photos on my layouts and want to make my layout look to have some movement. I know that using more than one photo isn’t easy at all… we can end up with some stiff layouts.  So I want to share how I created my layout which has three photos in A4 layout.  All the photos are connected to each other and I did it in 30 minutes.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step1 by Evelynpy

Step 1: Focus on photos that you will use. Place two photos at the top. You can choose which photo to tilt it so it will make movement so your layout looks dynamic. I prefer to do layering with some tags or cards and a paper clip behind the photo.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step2 by Evelynpy

Step 2: I chose one photo of the details of the day and I tilt it too. I tilt the photo opposite with the top area and let the other tags and stuff be straight. I clipped the photo using those gold leaves paper clips so it will look like you clipped it on the layout. The layout will look like a pretty board which has a photos and tags and other pretty little details.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step3 by Evelynpy
Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step4 by Evelynpy

Step 3: After you are finished arranging the photo and layers you can do some stamping too. I used ‘love’, stamping it at the red label and also some hearts, stamping them around the photo.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step5 by Evelynpy

Step 4: To make the photo look even more pretty I used a heart cork sticker and pasted it in the top area of the photo. It can be a small statement to express how you are feeling of the photo it self.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step6 by Evelynpy

Step 5: Last, but not least, write down the story behind the photos. This part can connect the top area and the bottom area. Write down the story near the photo… you can cherish the memory through it and make your layout look coordinated and full. Write it down on pattern paper using black pen. Give some under lines so people will be more focused on it.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays full layout by  Evelynpy
You can scrap lift it and have a nice try!

Fancy Pants Designs collection used: Golden Days


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Tricks and Treats: Watercolor Background


Hey everyone, Amy here to share a “trick or treat” post on the blog.  How many of you adore Christin’s gorgeous backgrounds? I am in awe of the art she creates just as a background to her beautiful pages. However, when I try to recreate a similar background it ends up looking like a mess of brown.  So here’s my trick I use constantly.  First gather the mist colors you would like to use on your project, some water, and a piece of plastic packaging.


I use this two different ways. Sometimes I do one color at a time and more drops than actual mists, like this:


After I add the color to the plastic packaging, I flip it over and press it onto my cardstock.  This results in this kind of background.

drops background
I wanted more of a watercolor style background for my layout, so I chose to actually mist on the plastic and add drops and water.  When I pressed it onto my cardstock I was a bit worried it looked a little too brown.

I needn’t have worried because it was perfect when it dried. When you’re pressing you want to make sure to turn the plastic in different directions so you don’t make such a uniform pattern.  You’ll notice I didn’t do that at first and the middle looks pretty uniform.  I knew my layout design would cover it up so it would work just fine.

mist background wet

spray background

Now just create your layout!  I used the new Joy Parade line for my layout of my oldest’s 17th birthday surprise. He was so surprised!

austin car
Here are some closeups of all the fun bits and pieces in the line.

austin car closeup
austin car closeup 1
asutin car closeup 2
Thanks for visiting the blog, hope you enjoyed my “trick” for creating a mixed media background!

Fancy Pants Designs collections used: Joy Parade

AmyCoose_DT_Signage (2)


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Cards: Create a beautiful cascading card for Mother’s day.


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought I might get a jump start on my card making with something really special. Have you ever tried to make a cascading card? This is my first time, so thought I’d shoot my process for you to follow & make one for yourself.

Are you ready for some crafty fun??!

Cascading Mother’s day card by Kim Watson


Tell me that any Mom won’t be blown away on Mother’s Day after receiving this fun creation!

Supplies you will need:

  1. A piece of double sided patterned paper
  2. Tags
  3. Ephemera
  4. Journal cards
  5. Puffy Stickers
  6. Flair
  7. Score Board
  8. Trimmer
  9. Punches

Step 1:

Cut x2 pieces of patterned paper 5.5″x 2,5″ x 12″

Step 2:


Score each piece of paper at 2″, 4″, 8″& 10″

Step 3:


Mark the halfway mark & snip to that point at 2″ & 10″on the bottom side one of the pieces and 6″on the top side of each piece. Then the reverse of the 2nd piece of paper. (For more detailed instructions see printable below.)

Step 4:


Slip the pieces together, inserting them at their cut points. Flatten to create card. Voila!!

You have your card base… to decorate!!


Using washi tape from the Atwell collection, create a little hanging banner between x2 wooden  sticks. A fully sticker sentiment from Happy Place Collection, completes the little banner. Using ephemera, die-cuts, Flair, Puffy Stickers, decorate the edges of the card to make it as festive as desired. To raise some of the items, I cut transparent, plastic packaging into strips.


For the front of the card, I used a mixture of a tag, label, fussy cut flower & fussy sticker sentiment.


A tag with message completes the back of the card.


So as you can see, this spectacular card is a riot of color, texture & happiness. I am sure my Mom is going to  love it! I hope you have found it inspiring!!

For more detailed instructions, see here:  KimWatson+CascadeCardInstructionsScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 2.43.58 PM

Collections used: Happy Place, Attwell 


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Pinteresting: 3D Background


Hi there Fancy Pants Designs friends. I’ve got a very Pinteresting design to share with you today.

Whenever I find myself in a design rut I often turn to Pinterest to spark an idea.  Recently I discovered this really cool image in the Design category and really wanted to try it out on a scrapbook page using the Flutter Collection.

Image 0 FPblog

I chose to focus on the design portion of the idea and not the colour scheme.  Here is the final result.

Image 5 FPblog

To re-create this design on your own simply follow these easy steps.

1. Gather:

– your favourite sheet of patterned paper from the Flutter Collection
– some 3D foam adhesive
– a distress ink pad
– a distress tool

Image 1 FPblog

2. Cut out 14 squares.

– I used my Recollections 1 and 3/4 square inch punch but of course a standard paper trimmer, or Silhouette, would work well also.

3. Use a blending tool to add a little distress ink to all 4 sides of each square.

– this will help to add some definition to them once you stick them on the page.

Image2 FPblog
4. Align the squares into four rows.  Making the bottom row and third row up three squares each, and the second and fourth row up four squares each.

5. Starting on the far left of the bottom row add 3D foam adhesive to the right side of square #1. Do the same for square #3.  For the centre square add the 3D foam adhesive to the left hand side of the square.  Repeat these same steps for the second row, except this time place the 3D foam adhesive on the opposite side for the first and third squares.  You will know you have the pattern correct when the sides of two side by side squares are touching.  The sides that touch will either both be popped up or both be laying flat.

Image 3 FP blog

Because I wanted my 4×4 photo to overlap the top row of squares I did not use any 3D foam adhesive on the last two squares in the row.

Image 4 FBblog

I added a few coordinating elements from the collection to dress up my page, typed out some journaling, and voila: a Pinterest discovered idea has helped me to bust out of my creative rut.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we look around and let ourselves be inspired by the creative world around us.

Fancy Pants Designs collection used: Flutter

Fancy Pants Signature

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ALTER EGO: Summer Mini Book


Hey, hey friends…Happy Friday to you all!! Today I am going to be sharing a tutorial, a little recycling…a whole lot of color & a summer mini book I hope you will love as much as me. Are you ready…? Here we go.

Supplies for the recycled book:

  • a pile of old mailing envelopes
  • a piece of a corrugated carton
  • heavy red twine
  • needle
  • small hole punch

@fancypantsdesgns @KimWatson #minibook #summerminibook #recyledenvelopes #bookbinding #papercrafting Instructions:

  1. Prepare your envelopes by opening them along the top, bottom & one of the sides.
  2. Pile together in six layers, use a clothes pin to keep the lined up.
  3. Cut a piece of carton: 15″ x 4,75″
  4. Score & fold at 6,75″ & 8,25″ to create the book spine.
  5. Punch three rows of little holes for binding purposes.
  6. Line up each pile of envelopes along a punched row of holes & hand stitch with backstitch, binding the inside pages to the cover.
  7. Once completed you should have three segments in your book.
  8. Decorate your cover & fill the pages with memories. (see below for the inside pages)

SUMMER mini book by Kim Watson

@fancypantsdesgns @KimWatson #minibook #summerminibook #recyledenvelopes #bookbinding #papercrafting

Let’s take a look at the inside pages….

@fancypantsdesgns @KimWatson #minibook #summerminibook #recyledenvelopes #bookbinding #papercrafting


I used a mixture of Making Waves:  Ephemera, Journal cards, 6×6 mini paper pad, Buttons & Flair; using the pinked circle & machine stitching as a common theme throughout all the pages. 


@fancypantsdesgns @KimWatson #minibook #summerminibook #recyledenvelopes #bookbinding #papercrafting


There is something to great about the natural texture of the torn envelopes & rough corrugated card that makes this album extra special. I made sure to include a whole lot of extra pages in this album because I am really looking forward to filling them as I get more summer photos printed.
@fancypantsdesgns @KimWatson #minibook #summerminibook #recyledenvelopes #bookbinding #papercrafting


Thank you so much for stopping by…I hope you have found this tutorial helpful. If you are driving this beautiful almost-summer weekend, be safe & remember to capture those memories as they happen. Happy weekend to you!!


Fancy Pants Designs collection used: Making Waves, Silver Foil, Vellum Paper


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A Beach Babe and a Pineapple!


Hello Friends! The new Summer Sun Collection is full of light and bright colors featuring a feminine touch – perfect for those beach babe layouts. The designs are clean and crisp and work well with the gold foil and wood veneer embellishments. When I saw the new collection I knew that it was the perfect match for the photos taken in December while on a beach vacation. It was just coincidence that Skylar, my niece, posed with a fresh pineapple!


How to create the layout: Create a layout background using half a sheet of Sunshine and half a sheet of Ride On paper. Cut a strip of Just BeachySandcastles and Sunshine (different widths) and adhere down the centre of the layout. Cut and adhere a strip of black cardstock. Adhere a thin strip of Sandcastles to the left edge of the black cardstock piece.

Cut and adhere two strips of the stripe paper from the 6×6 Paper Pad. Adhere a floral Just Beachy strip cut from the 6×6 Paper Pad on the left edge of the black cardstock. Adhere the Insta Pack orange zig zag strip.


Add the white tag with the pink border sideways to the top-right corner. Tie a bow with the twine on the tag. Turn the tag on its side with bow on the left. Add a pineapple ephemeraflairbuttonand sequins.


Remove the twine from the large tag and adhere, overlapping the left edge onto the black cardstock. Adhere two more tags: pink and orange spotted as well as the pineapple tag. Ink the two flip flops on the large BEACH BABE wood veneer title, apply liquid glue and sprinkle with micro glass beads. Add the title, beaded hearts, sequins and buttons to the layout. Stitch the buttons with black thread to add interest.


Ink the three wood veneer hearts, apply a liquid adhesive and sprinkle with micro glass beads. While the adhesive is still wet, remove some of the beads to reveal the inked wood veneer. Adhere hearts, sequins and arrow to layout. Add photo to complete the layout.

Remember to share your layouts created with this light, bright and feminine collection on the Fancy Pants Designs Facebook page!

Fancy Pants Designs collection used: Summer Sun


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