Hello everyone. Christin here today to share with you a fall wreath made with the lovely new collection Spellbound.

ChristinGronnslettFallWreath 001

I started by cutting out leaves that were slightly different in shape and size. I wanted the wreath to be kind of discreet so I mostly used the papers with lighter colors for this wreath.

ChristinGronnslettFallWreath 002

Since I didn’t work with so many papers i found a different way to set the papers a little apart. I cut out some leaves in vellum and glued the layers together, that way the leaf looked lighter.

ChristinGronnslettFallWreath 003

To set the different leaves apart more I stitched the stem and veins with different colors.

ChristinGronnslettFallWreath 004

Since the embroidery hoop is pretty thin I used a fast drying glue to glue all the pieces to the embroidery hoop.

ChristinGronnslettFallWreath 005

I wanted a few colors to pop so I added one paper layer of orange. I cut out six identical leaves in 3 different sizes and glued them on top of each other to add some extra dimension.

ChristinGronnslettFallWreath 006

To add some dimension to the leaves I bend all the leaves in the middle so they wouldn’t lay completely flat.

ChristinGronnslettFallWreath 007


I hope I have inspired you to make something pretty to hang on your wall.

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