TNStampGoldenWays1 by Evelynpy

I love playing with clear stamps. I’m falling in love with the new clear stamps in the Golden Days collection. They have so many icons that I’m falling in love with! Great icons for my travel notebook spread for my favorite months of October and November. Using this clear stamp set I created some patterns with colorfull inks. It’s easy and fast even for the beginner.

TNStampGoldenWays1detail by Evelynpy

I chose two feathers in the stamp set and I stamped them randomly using two different colors but still perfect for my color combo. I chose grey for the big one and orange for the small one. I stamped the big one first randomly in any direction and stamped the small one into the empty space that I have. Because this is my opening page of my October Travel Notebook spread I still chose another word from the stamp set: ‘the story begins’.

I chose dark chocolate ink and stamped it randomly. I love the imperfect looks of stamping. It makes my opening page look so perfect.

TNStampGoldenWays2 by Evelynpy

TNStampGoldenWays2detail by Evelynpy

The second one, I chose ‘love’ from the stamp set. Again I used the same color from the previous page and stamped it randomly. Don’t be scared to stamp it… just follow your heart. Stamps are one of my favorites to bring with me when I want to do memory keeping on the go to create my travel notebook spread.

TNStampGoldenWays3 by Evelynpy

Next is the ampersand. This time I did really want to make my spread look so clean and minimalist so I just stamped it right in the middle of my page.

TNStampGoldenWays3detail by Evelynpy

Stamps are also the best solution if you run out of pattern papers but still want to decorate your travel notebook! Happy Stamping!

Fancy Pants Designs collection used: Golden Days