Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays by Evelynpy

Some of you may love to play with only one photo on your layout, either small or a big one. But this time I prefered to use three photos on my layouts and want to make my layout look to have some movement. I know that using more than one photo isn’t easy at all… we can end up with some stiff layouts.  So I want to share how I created my layout which has three photos in A4 layout.  All the photos are connected to each other and I did it in 30 minutes.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step1 by Evelynpy

Step 1: Focus on photos that you will use. Place two photos at the top. You can choose which photo to tilt it so it will make movement so your layout looks dynamic. I prefer to do layering with some tags or cards and a paper clip behind the photo.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step2 by Evelynpy

Step 2: I chose one photo of the details of the day and I tilt it too. I tilt the photo opposite with the top area and let the other tags and stuff be straight. I clipped the photo using those gold leaves paper clips so it will look like you clipped it on the layout. The layout will look like a pretty board which has a photos and tags and other pretty little details.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step3 by Evelynpy
Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step4 by Evelynpy

Step 3: After you are finished arranging the photo and layers you can do some stamping too. I used ‘love’, stamping it at the red label and also some hearts, stamping them around the photo.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step5 by Evelynpy

Step 4: To make the photo look even more pretty I used a heart cork sticker and pasted it in the top area of the photo. It can be a small statement to express how you are feeling of the photo it self.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays step6 by Evelynpy

Step 5: Last, but not least, write down the story behind the photos. This part can connect the top area and the bottom area. Write down the story near the photo… you can cherish the memory through it and make your layout look coordinated and full. Write it down on pattern paper using black pen. Give some under lines so people will be more focused on it.

Twoousfancypantsdesigngoldendays full layout by  Evelynpy
You can scrap lift it and have a nice try!

Fancy Pants Designs collection used: Golden Days