Hey everyone, Amy here to share a “trick or treat” post on the blog.  How many of you adore Christin’s gorgeous backgrounds? I am in awe of the art she creates just as a background to her beautiful pages. However, when I try to recreate a similar background it ends up looking like a mess of brown.  So here’s my trick I use constantly.  First gather the mist colors you would like to use on your project, some water, and a piece of plastic packaging.


I use this two different ways. Sometimes I do one color at a time and more drops than actual mists, like this:


After I add the color to the plastic packaging, I flip it over and press it onto my cardstock.  This results in this kind of background.

drops background
I wanted more of a watercolor style background for my layout, so I chose to actually mist on the plastic and add drops and water.  When I pressed it onto my cardstock I was a bit worried it looked a little too brown.

I needn’t have worried because it was perfect when it dried. When you’re pressing you want to make sure to turn the plastic in different directions so you don’t make such a uniform pattern.  You’ll notice I didn’t do that at first and the middle looks pretty uniform.  I knew my layout design would cover it up so it would work just fine.

mist background wet

spray background

Now just create your layout!  I used the new Joy Parade line for my layout of my oldest’s 17th birthday surprise. He was so surprised!

austin car
Here are some closeups of all the fun bits and pieces in the line.

austin car closeup
austin car closeup 1
asutin car closeup 2
Thanks for visiting the blog, hope you enjoyed my “trick” for creating a mixed media background!

Fancy Pants Designs collections used: Joy Parade

AmyCoose_DT_Signage (2)