Hello Friends! Father’s Day is just around the corner. Here is an idea to wrap that special gift for your dad. Perhaps include his favorite candy and magazine with the gift. This is how to create an origami BOX and a CADDY for that special homemade gift…


The Origami Box requires no adhesive: You will need a sheet of 12 x 12” Star of the Show paper. Place paper with decorative side down (side of paper that will be on outside of box). Fold the paper in the following order:

1. Fold in half horizontally, turn 90 degrees and fold again.


2. Open and fold corner inwards to center of paper.


3. With corners folded in, fold left and right sides into center and open out. Turn paper 90 degrees and repeat folding left and right sides into center.


4. Open folds, leaving two diagonal corners folded in. Lift two sides of box up. While holding two sides up, fold corner folds inwards, creating the third side. Fold flap into box with corner lining up in the center of bottom of box. Fold in last edge to create fourth side of box. Optional: adhere a decorative strip along top edge of box.


The Gift Caddy requires a sheet of black Corrugate Paper, Posters and Train Master paper, ribbon, Decorative Tags (large and small), a Flair and a ticket from the Ticket Roll.


Cut two pieces of corrugate paper 3” x 12” with corrugate lines running horizontally. Score and fold 2¼” from bottom edges on both pieces. Cut two pieces of patterned paper 2½“ x 12“.  Adhere centred onto corrugate strip. Punch a handle using a 2” circle punch at top of strips, about ½“ from top edges. Adhere top edges together. Punch a smaller circle or a bracket shape from a contrasting paper. Fold in half horizontally (like a tab) and adhere over top edge of handle edge. Place and adhere origami box onto one bottom flap. Fold and adhere second flap onto other side of box. Tie ribbon around caddy and through handle. Tie a bow and attach decorative tags and ticket. Add sticker letters or a monogram onto one tag. Add a Flair on top of ribbon about ½“ from bottom edge.


Add your special goodies for dad to enjoy and your gift is ready to go!

Fancy Pants Designs collections used: Everyday Circus

Happiness is Homemade!